10 Secrets to Ageing Gracefully

10 Secrets to Ageing Gracefully

What are the secrets to ageing gracefully and looking younger than your biology dictates?  At 72 years of age, I believe my mother defies the limiting societal constraints that come with ageing. Pictured here with her 94 year old mother, in this blog she shares her personal tips on how she has remained youthful throughout the years.

Exercise: An Effective Mental Health Treatment

If you have depression, anxiety, PTSD, or any other mental health issue, there’s one thing that if you did it every single day, would make an extraordinary difference in whatever you’re struggling with.  That thing is exercise.

Keep Your Immune Defence in Check

A 'cytokine storm' is generally what leads to healthy people becoming very sick, because it causes the immune system to go berserk. Cytokines are proteins that tell immune cells what to do and also tell the body to produce more of them when under attack.