Keep Your Immune Defence in Check

A 'cytokine storm' is generally what leads to healthy people becoming very sick, because it causes the immune system to go berserk. Cytokines are proteins that tell immune cells what to do and also tell the body to produce more of them when under attack. 

Molecular Hydrogen - The Balancing Molecule

Hydrogen is the molecule of life.  It’s what started the Universe and the evolution of life as we know it. It’s in everything and now biomedical research is showing us how essential it is to health. Molecular hydrogen is simply two atoms of hydrogen that are bound together to form hydrogen gas (H2).

The Bittersweet Truth About Sugar

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’d probably be aware that sugar is currently at the fore of the national and international health debate.  Coming from the age of “low fat everything”, our country’s disastrous state of poor health and high obesity rates has prompted us to look at what’s gone wrong over the last couple of decades.