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Our commitment lies in bridging the divide between ailing and healthy cells, paving the way to wellbeing. We believe that genetic predispositions shouldn't hinder a path to vibrant health. Our objective is to meet people where they’re at, in terms of their current health baseline, and provide them with tools to strengthen their cellular wellbeing, ultimately guiding them towards a life of optimistic wellness and satisfaction.


Our products rely on the fundamental building blocks of life - Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Earth's Minerals - to support your body at the cellular level. By providing your cells with the necessary tools for optimal function, our products improve overall health and wellness.

At the core of our philosophy is the idea that every aspect of our health depends on the health of our individual cells. By nourishing and supporting these cells, we can enhance mental and physical performance and create a solid foundation for overall wellbeing.

While we can't control your lifestyle choices, we can offer a range of products that promote cellular health and vitality. SuperCells products could be the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you!


Meet Selina Swadling, a certified Health Coach who pivoted her career because she had a deep desire to help others live a better quality of life. With over 20 years of experience in senior corporate positions within the media and advertising industry, Selina knows firsthand the toll that a demanding career can take on one's health and wellbeing. After experiencing burnout, she made the decision to undergo a healing journey that ultimately led her to discover the importance of cellular health.
Now, Selina is passionate about sharing her views that health needs to be approached from a holistic standpoint, encompassing physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.
Selina has curated a selection of next-generation products that focus on attaining cellular health, which will help true wellness to flourish from the inside out.