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Energised Water: What’s The Big Deal?

February 19, 2018 2 min read


Nature’s way of energising everything is via vortex.  If you think of the structure of the DNA helix, a cyclone, the Milky Way – it’s all about the spin. A cyclone or tornado generates immense energy at the point of the vortex. It’s calm in the middle and then as you drill down to where it’s in contact with the Earth, it creates a massive force that tears things apart.  Inside a vortex a vacuum is created. Through that vacuum there is a pressure differential which creates energy, electricity and magnetism.

Think about water in its natural state. It’s free and moving.  When we take water out of Nature, put it into a bottle, or send it down a pipe in a straight line, it gives all the energy away that it had in nature when it was bouncing down the mountain stream or creek.  Essentially it’s lost its life-force energy and when you drink water that’s lost its life-force, it’s impossible for the body to use that water properly.

Why can’t your body use it?  Because water is a medium, which means it either takes from, or gives to; it’s always seeking balance and restoring balance.  So when you drink water that has no energy in it, that water steals your energy because it’s seeking balance.  When you drink energised water it will give you its energy, so you will feel more energised from that water.

Vortexing your water re-introduces the natural structure back into the water and gives the water back its natural life-force energy.  So what does that really mean?  It means using a vortex makes the water more bio-available, so your cells can recognise the water and use it efficiently in the body.

You may have noticed that areas that have ‘hard water’ experience scale build up because the matrix of the water cannot hold the calcium properly in the water and it precipitates out of the water. That same thing happens in the joints of your bones.  When you drink water that’s lost its life-force, you get calcium build up.  That calcium build-up is called arthritis!

Health really starts with the quality of the water you are drinking. Cells can’t work optimally if they’re not being energised by decent water. Arguably, the most important thing you can do for your health is put the spin back into the water.

If you are looking at performance enhancement, optimum hydration is the key.

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