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Natural Liquid Oxygen Supplement

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Oxygen is responsible for around 90% of your body’s energy.

Tiredness, fatigue, advanced ageing and brain fog are not your natural state of being! If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you might be deprived of oxygen, a common and hugely underrated health issue in most people as they age. This is because your body’s natural ability to process oxygen diminishes by about 1% a year after the age of 30. 

SuperCells Liquid Oxygen is an excellent way to tap into your natural energy, without the crash effects from caffeine or energy products. It's a fantastic pre-workout and increases your stamina and endurance BIG TIME. 

You can ignite naturally sourced energy with supercharged oxygen molecules, which are immediately available for your body and brain to use at the cellular level.

Our oxygen supplement has a high concentration of oxygen by volume, being 3 times the potency of many other oxygen products (15% vs 5%), hence the reason you only need to take it once a day, instead of 3 times a day. 

Best before: April 2025


So many people who try Supercells Liquid Oxygen rave about the huge boost in energy and mental clarity and not in a way that feels enhanced or superficial, but instead as though they have returned to their natural thriving state of being!

Oxygen deficiency, or oxygen starvation, is arguably the greatest cause of disease and greatly affects the immune system. Oxygen is not only a life-giver, it’s also a killer of harmful anaerobic infectious bacteria. These bacteria cannot grow or survive where there are high levels of oxygen.

SuperCells Liquid Oxygen is made from a natural liquid that is super-charged with oxygen, in a form that your body can easily and seamlessly absorb. Whilst most people think of oxygen as a gas, a unique manufacturing process makes the oxygen become part of the liquid. When you open a bottle there are no bubbles and no oxygen escaping, it stays in the liquid until you drink it, bypassing the lungs and is then readily absorbed into the bloodstream for distribution to your cells. Because this product is highly bio-available, you will notice a change in your energy and mental clarity, almost immediately! 

Benefits of Supplementing with Supercells Liquid Oxygen:

  • Maximise natural energy
  • Boost stamina and endurance
  • Optimal metabolism and cellular health
  • Improve athletic performance and recovery
  • Gain sharper focus, alertness and clarity
  • Oxygen helps to manage toxins in your body and assist with detoxing
  • High oxygen levels kills of harmful anaerobic infectious bacteria
  • Prevention and treatment of hangovers
  • Improve general wellness and vitality
  • Reduce sugar and caffeine cravings
  • Reduce jetlag side effects
  • Recover from shift work and natural circadian rhythm disruption

INGREDIENTS: Diatomic Bio-available Oxygen Molecules (O2) in a solution of de-mineralised activated water and hand harvested Atlantic Sea Salt. Grander Water System. No chemicals, no banned substances, no sugar, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic.

Please note: A slight chlorine odour and taste is normal and safe and naturally derived from the manufacturing process utilising Atlantic Sea Salt.

SERVING SIZE: Approximately 10ml (dependent on body weight)
Servings per bottle: 25




  1. Pour approx 10ml (dependent on body weight) into water, or any non-carbonated liquid and drink immediately.
  2. Take additional serves according to physical or emotional needs.

Suggested Use:1 serve first thing in the morning and subsequent serves may be taken when feeling physically, emotionally or mentally stressed. Best consumed on an empty stomach, or 2 hours after food.

‘Oxygen loading’pre-sport may be beneficial when participating in high intensity or endurance sports. Up to 30ml of oxygen may be consumed within a strenuous exercise period. Supplementing with oxygen before and after exercise will help manage oxygen debt which leads to lactic acid build up.

Body weight guide:Up to 60kg take 5-10ml; 60-80kg take 10-15ml; 80+kg take 15-20ml.

Note:A slight chlorine odour and the taste is normal and safe and is derived from an Atlantic Sea Salt reaction during the manufacturing process.

It’s very easy to take oxygen for granted. We breathe it automatically to live and when we stop breathing it, we die. Oxygen is important because it is the key element responsible for the healthy life and activity of all cells. When you realise all the key roles oxygen plays in the way your body functions, it becomes clear that the little O2 molecule is the most important nutrient we consume.

Your brain requires 25% of your body’s total oxygen supply, otherwise your brain function is affected. After our twenties, we lose the ability to carry oxygen in our body by about 1% per year, which contributes to ill health and the effects of ageing.

In 1931, biochemist Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work around oxygen- deprived cells. He stated that “all normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen – a rule without exception. Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.” Dr. Warburg claimed that the root cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency, which creates an acidic state in the human body. Dr Warburg also discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen, as found in an alkaline state.

What Causes Oxygen Deficiency?

 In a nutshell, oxygen deficiency is caused by the air we breathe and the food we eat! Our bodies were built for a world with better oxygen levels. Unfortunately, we may not be able to get all the oxygen we need simply by breathing, as pollution in major cities impedes the quality of the air we breathe.

Processed foods have no natural oxygen levels, so our system robs oxygen from other bodily functions, such as the brain for thinking, in an attempt to metabolise the oxygen-deficient processed food.

When the body can't steal enough oxygen to break down and thoroughly burn away the processed food, you end up with a constant build-up of residue (toxins) that further harms the body.

A diet high in acid alters the body’s natural alkaline pH balance, causing viruses and bad bacteria to thrive, which stresses the immune system and depletes even more oxygen from the body.

Medications, contaminated water supplies, lack of exercise, excess weight and excess food and alcohol consumption, all contribute to oxygen deficiency. The more food you eat and alcohol you drink, the more oxygen you need to digest the food and eliminate alcohol from the body.

This product has been independently tested and calibrates at 585 Level Of Consciousness (Dr. David Hawkins). Most supplements calibrate between 200 and 300 LOC.

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