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10 Health Hacks Via Your Belly Button

February 08, 2023 4 min read 2 Comments

The secret to health could be found in the humble belly button. It is the remnants of life sustained in the womb and could be the key to ongoing good health and longevity.

Ayurveda has held the belly button in the spotlight for thousands of years, believing that it’s a secret spot that can effectively cure daily health problems. Something like a “reset button”.

Traditional Chinese Medicine also believes the belly button plays a significant role in overall health. The acupuncture point in the centre of the belly button is called “shen que” or Source of Life - Spirit Gate, and is the focal point of all the body’s energy pathways.

One way to access the healing power of the navel is through the Ayurvedic practice called “Pechoti” which involves applying oil to the belly button. This is because the belly button is the pathway to the body's extremities, so absorbing oils in this area can have a variety of benefits.

Advocates of belly button oiling claim that stimulation of this area can improve blood and lymph circulation, boost immunity, help digestion, regulate organ function, treat skin issues and calm your mind and body. Natural remedies are finally making their way back to society and they are much needed and way cheaper than pharmaceuticals.

So, if you were curious to try belly button oiling, how would you go about it and what oils are best to use?

Method: The process only takes a small amount of time, however as with most things, consistency is the key to results. Gently apply appropriate oil (see recommendations below) in and around your belly button. You can do this by adding a small amount of oil drop by drop, or by gently applying it with a cotton ball. Press your belly button repeatedly and rhythmically with either your thumbs or the three middle fingers on each hand. Begin with light pressure and increase to what pressure is comfortable for you. If your body feels pain from slight pressure, you could have an imbalance that this therapy may help to resolve. Do this daily for 5-10 minutes, ideally before going to bed, or after a bath/showering.


Possible issues to treat

1: Infection

Belly button oiling can be used when suffering from a bacterial infection. The best oils for this purpose are antibacterial and antiviral in nature, which may assist in eliminating the bacteria. Recommended oils: Mustard, tea tree or eucalyptus oil, diluted in coconut or neem oil.

2. Gut health

Your belly button lies right over your digestive tract, which is responsible for blood circulation and immune system function. Belly button oiling may help to rid your body of toxins and revitalise your body’s organs.  Recommended oil: Peppermint or thyme oils, diluted in extra virgin olive oil.

3: Skin issues

Applying oil to the belly button is often considered more potent than topical application because it’s connected to veins and internal organs. Neem is a medicinal oil that helps to repair damaged skin. Its germ-fighting properties make it the most effective remedy for acne and pimples. Raw honey in the navel is good for skin dryness. Recommended oils: Neem, coconut or rosehip oil; honey.

4. Eye Health

If you suffer from poor vision, belly button oiling may help to improve your eye health. This is a good daily practice for people who constantly strain their eyes on computer screens and is also a good way to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles.  Recommended oil: Mustard diluted in coconut oil.

5: Menstrual Cramps

By relaxing the abdominal muscles and soothing the discomfort caused by uterine contraction, menstrual pain may be relieved thanks to the antioxidant properties of oil penetrating straight into the area. Recommended oils: Ginger, sage or peppermint oil, diluted in extra virgin olive oil.

6: Glowing Skin

Applying and massaging oil into the belly button ensures optimum absorption of the nutrients and subsequently helps to improve the texture, tone and softness of your skin. Rose water is also a great option for regenerating skin cells and castor oil has been used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Recommended oils: Almond, castor or extra virgin olive oils; rose water.

7: Fertility

Belly button oiling may influence your fertility by promoting relaxation of the uterine and abdominal muscles, protecting sperm, enhancing sperm mobility and treating menstrual issues like irregular periods. Recommended oils: Juniper or clary sage, diluted in extra virgin olive oil.

8: Hair Growth

Stronger, more lustrous hair and more of it may be great side effects of belly button oiling. However, if genetics stipulates you will most likely be bald like your father, then it’s probably safe to say belly button oiling won’t reverse this possibility, however it may prolong a probable outcome. Recommended oil: Castor.

9: Stomach Pain

By releasing pressure from the belly area, belly button oiling may help with indigestion, food poisoning, nausea, gastro, bloating and diarrhoea.  Recommended oils: Peppermint or ginger essential oils, diluted in extra virgin  olive oil.

10. Stress relief

Rhythmically stimulating the navel calms brain waves and brings the body and mind from a state of stress to one of rest by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. It strengthens the energy centre in the lower abdomen, making you feel more grounded, which may balance your emotions and help you to focus. Recommend oils: Clary sage or lavender, diluted in coconut oil.  Ice in the navel has also been known to help calm.

Is it pseudoscience or the real deal? The scientific community is reluctant to accept many natural therapies, however that doesn’t mean they don’t work! So next time you have a stomach ache, anxiety, or menstrual cramping, instead of relying on pharmaceuticals, perhaps you can apply a little oil to your belly button and see if your body finds natural relief.

Nurture your belly button, nurture your health!

2 Responses

Chau Story
Chau Story

March 21, 2023

Hello mysupercells.com administrator, Thanks for the detailed post!


February 09, 2023

Thank you for sharing all the amazing tips on using the different oils for different health concerns. I would have never thought that using essential oils on your Belly Button could effectively improve your health. Thank you especially for the protocol being used is essential oils that are healthy for the entire body without any toxins.

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