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What Is Liquid Oxygen And Why Is It Important?

March 22, 2023 3 min read

Like most health issues, most of us take breathing for granted until we have an issue with it.  Oxygen is indispensable; we need it for everything. Unfortunately, most of us suffer from lack of oxygen, even though we don't realise it. Air pollution, lack of exercise, poor diets, improper breathing and ageing all deprive our cells of this vital element and therefore weakens our immune system.

How important is oxygen in managing the day-to-day functioning of your body?  Every one of the trillions of cells in your body must continually receive adequate oxygen if it’s to function and regenerate properly.

Key roles oxygen performs in your body:

Energy: Oxygen powers your energy cycle and is essential for the conversion of nutrients from everything you consume into energy your body can use.

Fat breakdown:  Oxygen is important in the process of breaking down stored fat into energy.  Breaking down fat is hard work – it takes around twice as much oxygen to break down 1g of fat as it does to break down 1g of carbs or protein.

Brain power: Your brain uses around 25% of the oxygen you take in, even though it is only about 2% of body mass.  Proper oxygenation is vital for concentration, memory, thought processes, judgment, balance, co-ordination and overcoming fatigue.

Toxin removal: Oxygen plays a key role in the cleansing and removal of toxins and is a natural antibacterial agent. Pollution, preservatives, chemicals, alcohol and stress hormones are all addressed with adequate oxygen levels.

Mobility:  During heavy physical exertion and sport, your body uses up to 15 times more oxygen than sitting still.  So, as you get older if you want to be active, you may find yourself more and more restricted in what you can do as your body gets less and less oxygen-efficient.

Skin health:  Oxygen is essential in the production of collagen and elastin, the proteins that are primarily responsible for giving your skin elasticity, tone and firmness. Oxygen Skin Repair is a key tool in helping to deliver oxygen into dermal tissue and replenish lost oxygen at the cellular level.

Protection:  Most microbial organisms like bacteria and viruses cannot thrive in a well-oxygenated body, however good (aerobic) organisms flourish when they receive plenty of oxygen.

Hangovers: Oxygen is essential for the break down and removal of alcohol, which is why supplementing with SuperCells reduces the likelihood of a hangover or helps get over one quicker.  Read our ultimate hangover hack here.

Sleep issues: Plentiful oxygen is vital for achieving deep, high quality sleep.

Now you know just how important oxygen is to your body!

What is Liquid Oxygen and what are the benefits?

SuperCells Liquid Oxygen is water based and supercharged with a high volume of oxygen molecules by volume, being 3 times the potency of many other oxygen products (15% vs 5%). This means instead of taking it 3 times a day like you would with other oxygen supplements, you only need it once a day for general health. When you ingest the liquid, the oxygen is immediately available for your body to use at the cellular level, where it’s most vital.  It works within minutes and lasts hours, with no ‘crash’ effects, unlike artificial stimulants. Containing only 100% natural ingredients, it offers a huge natural edge in your everyday personal and professional life.

How much Liquid Oxygen do I need to take?

Like any supplement, how much you take is critical. Too little of a supplement probably won’t have much impact, however when you start taking the right amount for your body the results can be dramatic. Once you figure out the right amount for your body and exertion level, the results can be very significant.

We advise dosage by weight, so once you figure out the right amount for your body and exertion level, the results can be very significant. Simply add your recommended dosage to any non-carbonated beverage and voila, you have a quick, easy and natural energy drink! Used correctly and consistently, we believe most people's health will benefit greatly. 

What does Liquid Oxygen taste like?

It has a unique slightly chlorine odour, which is derived from an Atlantic Sea Salt reaction during the manufacturing process. Even if it smells a bit odd, it is completely natural and there are zero chemicals, additives or any nasties at all in the formula. The smell and taste can be easily masked if added to anything flavoured (even coffee!) however it's definitely not unpalatable. 

Are you ready to give your body a surplus of bioavailable oxygen?

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