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Bufo Alvarius: Journey into Consciousness

March 18, 2022 3 min read

I see psychedelics as one of the most powerful, yet relatively untapped tools, to assist us in exploring our infinite consciousness. 

There's huge potential in consciousness research, which is about to surpass neuroscience research. However, we still live in a culture that puts psychedelics into the same basket as heroin or meth, which makes them misunderstood, feared and illegal. 

An entheogen, from Greek meaning "generating the divine within", is any psychoactive substance that induces a spiritual experience and is used for spiritual development.  It's well known that many ancient cultures used entheogenic as a part of their spiritual development, because it induces altered states of consciousness. This enabled them to tap into the world of spirit for healing and wisdom. 

Well, healing and wisdom are high on my to-do list for this lifetime, so when the opportunity arose for me to try Bufo Alvarius, I jumped on it (pardon the pun!). This medicine comes from the Sonoran Desert Toad (pictured below), also known as Otac. The Alvarius venom contains up to 15% 5meoDMT and 11 other tryptamine compounds which are secreted from eight glands spread out over the toads body.

The medicine is collected in a way that is harmless and respectful to the toad, and no more than 4 of theanimal’sglands are milked, by gently rolling the side of the toad onto a flat plate of glass. The secretion then dries and naturally crystalises, allowing it to be scraped from the glass, stored and used in sacred ceremony. The toad and medicine are held in absolute reverence and the ceremony is an extension of that.

My Experience.

As I was still inhaling the medicine, the world was disintegrating before my eyes into elementary particles which looked like pixels. Everything turned to energy and then it just fell away. I had no concept of what or who was around me. It was like a gust of wind had dispersed everything I had ever known to be true. 

Then, I was everywhere and everything in a single nanosecond, completely weightless. My breath was so light, it was almost euphoric to breathe. As I breathed, consciousness expanded and retracted, in and out, like waves of the cosmos. 

I was beyond the entire Universe. I was beyond reality. I had a total understanding of everything. Complete Oneness with all. I perceived everything around me as though it was me. I experienced absolute unity. 

The most beautiful sacred geometry was everywhere and I could hear a woman’s voice whispering the word “love” over and over again, like an echo. It wasn't an outside voice, it was from within my journey.

The feeling was insanely intense, almost unpleasant at first, because my existing perception of the world completely fell apart. When I realised that everything around me is actually one endless creative energy, I let go even more into the state of Oneness. 

I don’t know what made me sit up and open my eyes, but when I did I was immediately witnessing life in what I now believe was the 5D

Trees and plants around me were the same sort of colours I was familiar with, however they were a vibrancy that I had never seen before. Everything was in ultra high definition. The top leaf of a very tall tree stood out as much as a blade of grass in front of me. I could see Nature breathing, moving with the energy around her. 

To see this beauty in my ‘average world’ was absolutely mind blowing and indescribable. It was my 3D (3 Dull) world brought to life! I was mesmerised by the colours and sheer beauty. I knew in my heart that this was home. 

The whole process only lasted about 20 minutes, however as there was no concept of time, it felt like at least an hour or more. It was the most profound experience of my life.  My perception of the world has completely evolved. I am not the same person I was before this journey.

In a nutshell, this medicine has helped me to transition from “I believe” to “I know” and nothing or no one can ever take that away from me.

For that, I will be forever grateful.

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