Suggested Use - SUPERCELLS

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Suggested Use


  1. Drop 1 serve into 250ml-500ml of water and wait approximately 2 minutes to dissolve. Stir if desired.
  2. Consume immediately whilst water is still cloudy. 

Please note, if you wait for the hydrogen water to become clear, the concentration of hydrogen is reduced from 9.0ppm to 2.0ppm. A therapeutic dose of hydrogen is anything above 1.0ppm.

Suggested Use: 2 serves per day. One taken first thing in the morning and the second in the afternoon, both on an empty stomach. For higher concentrations of hydrogen, place one tablet into a 500ml bottle of water filled right to the top, screw on the cap and leave for 30 minutes.

Note: Due to the quality magnesium included in the tablets, a thin film may appear at the water’s surface. This is safe to drink.



  1. Pour approx 10ml (dependent on body weight) into water, or any non-carbonated liquid and drink immediately.
  2. Take additional serves according to physical or emotional needs.
Suggested Use: 1 serve first thing in the morning and subsequent serves may be taken when feeling physically, emotionally or mentally stressed. Best consumed on an empty stomach, or 2 hours after food.

‘Oxygen loading’ pre-sport may be beneficial when participating in high intensity or endurance sports. Up to 30ml of oxygen may be consumed within a strenuous exercise period. Supplementing with oxygen before and after exercise will help manage oxygen debt which leads to lactic acid build up.

Body weight guide: Up to 60kg take 5-10ml; 60-80kg take 10-15ml; 80+kg take 15-20ml.

Note: A slight chlorine odour and the taste is normal and safe and is derived from an Atlantic Sea Salt reaction during the manufacturing process.