Everyone is different, however when you first spray your skin with oxygen you may get a bit of tingling or a flushed face. This is a good sign that the oxygen is going to work deep into the skin cells and nothing to be concerned about.

From the first spray the oxygen will be working to clear and heal your skin. The physical effects will be seen over days or weeks depending on the issue you’re treating.

Oxygen spray is a fantastic addition to your regular skincare routine as it helps the absorption of ingredients which are beneficial to the skin that may be included in your other skincare products.

This product is made from natural ingredients.

Consistency is key! Follow the instructions under Suggested Use for the issue you are treating and results will be forthcoming.

Yes, completely safe for both children and animals.

Follow the guidelines under the Suggested Use tab for your specific issue.

As the product is completely natural, there are no known side effects. If you are using for acne issues and your skin breaks out after your first use, please note this is a good sign that the impurities are being cleared out from beneath the skins surface.