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Expect to feel more energised, mentally sharp, have better endurance and less stressed. Many people report that their sleep is deeper and less interrupted.

Many notice a difference the first time they use it, especially if they take it before fitness or sports activity. Some people experience immediate clarity, as though they are ‘seeing clearly’ for the very first time. Everyone is different though, and for some it may be up to two weeks before benefits become noticeable to them.

Should I persist in taking it? Every one of the trillions of cells in your body requires adequate oxygen to function and regenerate correctly. As our ability to carry oxygen diminishes as we get older, consistently oxygenating your body gives it every opportunity to function as well as it can. Even if you aren’t feeling substantial benefits, be assured that supplementing with oxygen is working at the cellular level.

Our product is made using 100% natural ingredients – no chemicals, sugar, compounds or preservatives are used in the manufacturing process.

Oxygen crosses the blood brain barrier.

Yes. For best oxygen absorption, it is recommended that you take this supplement about 30 minutes before consuming food or other products.

It is suggested that you start with 5mls twice daily, taken first thing in the morning and mid-late afternoon, or about 15 minutes before sport, exercise or any serious physical activity. Once you have become accustomed to the extra oxygen, you may wish to try larger or more frequent servings, according to your requirements. Competitive and recreational athletes generally take 10-20mls pre-workout, taking into account their body size and intensity of the exertion. Occasionally new users of the product may experience a slight headache or ‘detox’ nausea. If this occurs, reduce your serving size by 5ml and continue to use the supplement, gradually increasing to the desired amount.

The product may be mixed with any non-carbonated beverage and consumed immediately. For fastest results take the product on its own sublingually (under the tongue). Hold it in the mouth for about 30 seconds, then swallow. For best absorption, take on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before or two hours after food.

Oxygen helps the body efficiently extract the nutrients from other nutritional products, so you may find you need smaller amounts of other supplements. In the case of some sporting supplements such as caffeine/stimulant-based pre-workout products, you may choose to dispense with them altogether.

You should seek the advice of your health professional regarding your choice of supplements to address any specific deficiencies.

Yes, SuperCells Liquid Oxygen is completely natural and therefore safe to consume whilst breastfeeding.

Yes, SuperCells is completely safe for children to consume. Once a day they may be given 2-3mls (half the adult serving) in water or their favourite non-carbonated drink, such as juice.

The product may help you feel calmer and better able to cope with life’s challenges.

Oxygen is responsible for around 90% of the body’s energy, so supplementing your oxygen levels is an excellent way to maximise your natural energy, without the spike/crash effects of caffeinated, high-sugar energy products.

There are no known side effects, however if you take too much at one time you may notice a slight headache or ‘detox’ effect, which quickly dissipates. If so, reduce your serving until your body becomes accustomed to the extra oxygen.

Yes, in fact oxygen plays a key role in conversion of alcohol into harmless substances and its removal from the body. A serve of liquid oxygen after drinking alcohol may help deal with the after effects of alcohol consumption.

Many people report a feeling of calmness and wellbeing as one of the benefits of using this product.

Plentiful oxygen is essential to achieve deep, uninterrupted sleep so that you can wake refreshed, recharged and ready for the day ahead.

The body’s ability to process oxygen is generally regarded by sports scientists as one of, if not the most important factor, in determining physical performance. Supplementing your body’s oxygen helps ensure you perform to the absolute best of your natural capability. This is especially significant for mature age and senior athletes because the body’s ability to process oxygen declines as we age, leading to diminished performance. Oxygen supplementation may help combat this decline.

Decide how much to take based on your body weight and the intensity of the session. We typically recommend 10-20mls prior to working out and when really pushing yourself, up to 30mls may be used. The product may also be used intra-workout, at half time, or between disciplines in various sports. It may be added to your bottle of water and sipped continually during distance sports, or topped up every couple of hours. It may be taken immediately after intense sessions to support super-fast recovery. You can’t overdose, so it’s best to figure out what the ideal amount for you is, so you don’t waste product by taking more than your body needs.

1. Keep away from direct sunlight and any heat source

2. Once opened it is safe to store in a cupboard

3. Do not refill unused product back into the bottle

4. Apply normal hygiene standards

The taste of our Liquid Oxygen has been derived from the chloride in the Atlantic Sea salt during manufacture and may vary from batch to batch. Some people experience a unique smell and taste similar to swimming pool water. Don’t be put off by this, as it contains nothing harmful. Tests have been unable to remove the taste without also losing the high oxygen concentration that makes it so special.

Some people may experience a slight detox response due to the cleansing effect of the oxygen in SuperCells. If this occurs, please don’t be alarmed as this is a natural process, however for your comfort, you may like to reduce the amount you are taking and gradually increase to the desired quantity as per your weight.