Sacred geometry is a basic structure such as 'flower of life', 'seed of life', 'sri yantra' and 'vescica pisces'. Within the Genetic Key Code Alchemy, these basic structures are the divine masculine expression of the co-creative field. Mandalas are drawings created by human awareness, in a repetitive form, in order to create a meditative state to reach Universal awareness. Simultaneously the mandala brings a harmonious feel to the space or person that is taking in the visual aspect of this creation. They are usually depicted in a circular-like repetitive shape.

As the Key Codes remind your cells to vibrate at a higher, more pure frequency through realigning with the divine, they have an instant impact on your physical body. Your body is a reflection of your inner metaphysical world, therefore when your consciousness is heightened, it will give your body the opportunity to rise in health and wellbeing at the cellular level.

Each piece is created by hand in Hawaii. It takes a full day to make a single set of Key Codes. All pieces are made in prayer and focus from the beginning and through the entire process. There is no interference of negative energies at any point. The point of creation is set up as a temple.