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5 Ways Fulvic Acid Can Change Your Life!

May 16, 2023 3 min read

Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring organic compound found in rare mineral beds, soil and many plants. Despite not being very well known, it's now starting to take the health industry by storm, due to the potential health benefits it provides.

Fulvic acid has been shown to have a diverse range of benefits across the whole body, but what's really surprising is the diverse range of uses from this amazing gift of nature.

Besides ingesting it as a supplement to benefit from its comprehensive trace mineral, element and amino acid portfolio, here are 5 other ways to incorporate the magic of fulvic into your life:

1. SKINCARE:Incorporating fulvic acid into my skincare routine has dramatically changed my skin texture! When I started reading up on the benefits of fulvic acid for skin, the idea of launching a fulvic acid skincare range crossed my mind. However, instead I decided to incorporate the existing SuperCells fulvic concentrate, into my daily skincare routine. By adding just a single drop of Complex Minerals Concentrate into my morning and night moisturiser, the results have been truly amazing for my skin! It is so soft, hydrated and smooth, and the fulvic gives me a healthy glow (in a good way, not like a bad fake tan!).

Simply put some moisturiser into the palm of your hand, add a drop or two of fulvic concentrate and mix together. Apply liberally to your face, neck and décolletage. Note: fulvic WILL stain clothes, so be careful when applying! 

2. HERB GARDEN:  By adding a few droppers of fulvic acid to the soil of my herb garden, within a short span of a few weeks, I witnessed an incredible transformation of my herbs, especially my basil plant, which had been struggling. It began to thrive once again and now has a strong aroma and is really tall and green! Make sure you mix the fulvic well with the soil, getting right down near the root of the plant. 

3. PETS: Another unique application I've incorporated, is adding half a ml of fulvic acid into my dog's dinner. After receiving a devastating diagnosis from the vet more than two years ago, my loyal companion's quality of life has vastly improved from consuming the fulvic minerals, yet the vet only gave her a couple of months to live! It has helped enormously with her arthritis and IBS (although she can still clear a room!)

4. FLOWERS: I have learned that by adding 1ml of fulvic acid into the water of freshly cut flowers, their lifespan can be extended significantly, resulting in them staying fresh for a longer period. Being a fan of fresh flowers, this has not only helped me manage my budget better but also provided me with the joy of experiencing fresher flowers for an extended duration.

5. MEALS: With our heat-stabilised fulvic supplement, you can easily mix it into hot soups, stews and other liquids. I remineralise as many foods as possible, as the fulvic not only gives you 77 trace minerals, elements and amino acids, it also acts as a transporter of nutrients into your cells from other foods. Simply add a dropper to your meal just before eating, and restore the minerals that are naturally present in food, just as intended by nature!

SuperCells Complex Minerals comes from a deposit that is within a metre of the surface of the ground. The layers of sedimetary rock, developed over millions of years, is gently scraped, then cured (sifted and churned) and extracted using purified water.

Are you ready to give your body the gift of fulvic acid?

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