Why Oxygen Is So Important (besides the fact that you’ll die without it)?

Like most health issues, most of us take breathing for granted until we have an issue with it.  Oxygen is indispensable; we need it for everything. Unfortunately, most of us suffer from lack of oxygen. Air pollution, lack of exercise, poor diets, improper breathing and ageing all deprive our cells of this vital element and therefore weakens our immune system.

So how important is it in managing the day-to-day functioning of your body?

Energised Water: What’s The Big Deal?

Nature’s way of energising everything is via vortex.  If you think of the structure of the DNA helix, a cyclone, the Milky Way – it’s all about the spin. A cyclone or tornado generates immense energy at the point of the vortex. It’s calm in the middle and then as you drill down to where it’s in contact with the Earth, it creates a massive force that tears things apart.  Inside a vortex a vacuum is created. Through that vacuum there is a pressure differential which creates energy, electricity and magnetism.