Ninja Warrior in action

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Australian Ninja Warrior contestant Lisa Parkes and her nickname ‘pocket rocket’ is definitely on the money!  Lisa seems to be able to tap into an abundant stream of energy; juggling 3 kids, her charity work, regular competitions and her business - all seemingly with ease.

How To Maximise Athletic Performance

What if you had the secret weapon that gave you the ability to reduce muscle fatigue, minimise lactic acid build-up from intense workouts and accelerate your recovery time? You’d definitely have the edge over your competition! Your athletic performance and ability to recover quickly comes down to the efficiency and health of your cells.  If you’re breaking down quicker than you’re building back up, then inflammation, injuries and even disease await you.

How To Be Healthy; It’s More Simple Than You Think.

Statistically speaking, we’re much more likely to be some level of sick than we are to be well.  Whether it’s a chronic health condition, excess weight, or low energy, it seems many people are struggling on some level. The thing is, given the right conditions not only can the body heal itself, it can thrive.  Most people don’t actively think about health. They want to be healthy and the idea of feeling healthy is very appealing, yet it seems unattainable.